Questions asked over steps taken to prevent action against VIP funds deposited abroad

Questions asked over steps taken to prevent action against VIP funds deposited abroad

Written by Staff Writer

04 Oct, 2015 | 7:29 pm

The Sunday Times reported today that the Finance Ministry has taken steps to prevent local agencies from taking action over funds deposited abroad by VIPs’ of the former government, being remitted to Sri Lanka.

The report notes that departments and agencies including the Inland Revenue Department, the Exchange Control Department and the Central Bank would be prevented from taking action, when these funds are remitted.

The newspaper also reported that a further elaboration is to come when the government’s first budget is presented on November 20, where the categories of people who would benefit from what would in reality be an amnesty, would be detailed.

However, the report questions the legality of the announcement.

Speaking to News1st, the Voice Against Corruption Movement questioned  as to what would happens to those who stole money from the nation, through such an action.

Convener of the Voice Against Corruption Wasantha Samarasinghe says that the people who voted to send home the Rajapaksa regime and the former government, voted against such thievery, fraud and corruption and this government promised the people that investigations would be held, the corrupt would be punished and that the funds would be taken over by the state.

He further notes:

This Hybrid government is now trying to give the thieves a licence. The thieves will be white-washed. They say that there will be no cases against the entities that arbitrarily looted public funds and they are trying to whitewash these people via the Attorney General’s Department. The Finance Ministry is granting a licence for money laundering through this action. Reveal the number of cases filed against the corrupt. There is nothing. Against such a backdrop the Finance Ministry has taken this decision to ensure the remittance of these funds. We ask if President Maithripala Sirisena has agreed to this decision? Has this government agreed to this decision.

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