Action TV: PC involvement in Ingiriya land deals and dark ‘voltage issues’

Action TV: PC involvement in Ingiriya land deals and dark ‘voltage issues’

Action TV: PC involvement in Ingiriya land deals and dark ‘voltage issues’

Written by Staff Writer

26 Sep, 2015 | 9:38 pm

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaile Kumaratunga, who was also a former chief minister of the Western Province, while attending an event where the new CM assumed duties, said that some person who represented the provincial council had extorted public funds in the past.

Not only in the past, the skimming of public fund continues to take place even today.What is significant is that this is taking place devoid of any party differences.

As the officials too render their support this act, there are many faces to the thefts that takes place in the provincial council.

One such face of the theft is the placing of electricity poles for a land that has been split by a private land sales company, to be sold off. This land incidentally comes under the purview of the Ingiriya Divisional Secretariat.

The supply of electricity to the land need to be undertaken by the respective private company.However, it is the Western Provincial Council that has spent almost Rs.600,000 to bring these electricity poles to this location.

It was the Deputy General Secretary of the Provincial Council who issued the first letter for this alleged theft citing that the area receives a less voltage of electricity.

Following this directive, the Ingiriya Divisional Secretary informed the Ceylon Electricity Board to prepare an estimate and send it to her.

Although the estimate was prepared, the CEB later informs the Divisional Secretary that as there is no issue over the voltage of electricity supplied to the area, also stating, not to waste public funds.

The Divisional Secretary who accepted this, had written to the CEB to refund the Rs.600,000  that was paid to the CEB.

However, the Divisional Secretary is forced to approve the theft of public funds through this letter from the CEB based on the letter addressed to her by Councillor Kithsiri Kahatapitiya.

Therefore, these electricity poles will be set up not to resolve the voltage issue of the area but under the influence of Kahatapitiya. Therefore, it is the Western Province Council that is adding value to the lands to be sold, and not the Company that undertakes that task.

This is also through public funds. Councillors of the provincial council had skimmed public funds over the year citing this very reason. At some instances the CEB too had been party to the theft.

What is the reason behind spending public funds that have been allocated to serve the public, on land sales companies?

General Secretary of the Western provincial Council, this is over to you…..

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