PM explains process set out by UNHRC and steps to be taken

PM explains process set out by UNHRC and steps to be taken

PM explains process set out by UNHRC and steps to be taken

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22 Sep, 2015 | 9:32 pm

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Tuesday, September 22, explained in Parliament, the process set out by the United Nations Human Rights Council, and the steps that will be taken in that regard.

Speaking in Parliament, the Prime Minister said that accountability is an important  factor to build the rule of law and trust among all the communities, adding for this,  they require judicial as well as administrative reforms.

The Prime Minister also noted that Parliament will implement two mechanisms for the truth seeking process. One is the establishment of a commission under the advice of South Africa for truth, justice, reconciliation and the non-recurrence of the mistakes of the past.

He went on to note that they hope to establish a special counsel through Parliament that is constitutional and will comprise of expert lawyers. That this will take in to account right of the victims to seek justice and will also focus on providing a solution to the issue where persons go unpunished over the human rights violations experienced by all communities.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe also said that they hope to establish an office to look into providing compensation, adding that in order to ensure the non-recurrence of the mistakes of the past,  administrative and judicial reforms are required.

The Prime Minister also expressed the following views:

We also need to follow a number of processes including the passing of a new constitution. We also hope to take a number of measures to amend the penal code so that hate speech and forceful disappearance will be termed as crimes. We also hope to establish a commission to formulate the constitution.These will be domestic creations reached through dialogue. I wish to state this is not a mechanism that has been created by an international institution or person. The UK has come together with a number of countries to put forward a resolution that will be in favour of the country. I will not make any comment on that at this time. I wish to mention one thing. The Foreign Minister, the Ambassador and myself have discussed that. There is no issue. Countries that supported us before, like Russia and China have been approached. I held a discussion with the Indian Prime Minister.  As the US put forward the resolution they have a responsibility to inform and discuss with the other countries. We will act on this only after informing this parliament. We will inform parliament…”

The Prime Minister ended his speech with an excerpt from the Dhammapada.

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