Field Marshal Fonseka featured on Satana; comments on Avant Garde, Rakna Lanka and KP

Field Marshal Fonseka featured on Satana; comments on Avant Garde, Rakna Lanka and KP

Field Marshal Fonseka featured on Satana; comments on Avant Garde, Rakna Lanka and KP

Written by Tharushan Fernando

13 Sep, 2015 | 10:01 pm

Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka participated at the Satana political programme where he commented on matters including the Avant Garde case, transactions at Rakna Lanka and KP.

The Leader of the Democratic Party noted:

There was a Deputy Solicitor General called Wasantha Bandara who was working at the AG’s department on the issue relating to Avante Guard. He presented a report on the matter and it recommended that Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the owner of Avante Guard should be apprehended and that legal action should be taken against them under the Terrorism Prevention act. But Suhada Gamlath who is currently working in the capacity of Deputy Attorney General suspended the report and produced a fresh report citing that they are not at fault and thereafter the AG’s Department worked towards suspending the case pertaining to Avante Garde

He further added:

Palitha Fernando was known as the henchman of Former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa had presented a report citing that only the Avante Guard company can maintain a floating armoury in the country and then that implies that the floating armoury is not maintained for the safety of the Colombo harbour but to carry out a different deal altogether and a sum of 1600 million is yet to be paid to Rakna Lanka following the deal that was signed between the Chairman of Rakna Lanka and Avante Garde.

Field Marshal, Fonseka further said:

The Attorney General should be held responsible for this as he is the one who gave the green light for a police investigation and the report was later submitted to the Judge.

When questioned that as the former Army commander, can the reports that KP was involved in deals to smuggle fire arms, and that he was smuggling arms to Prabakaran’s LTTE to bring the army down are accurate, the leader of the Democratic Front replied: “Yes and the report following the investigation of the intelligence unit will be presented at the Security Council and the draft copy of the report is at the Army Commanders’s office and according to those reports, K.P is confirmed to be a terrorist.

He added:

When the attorney general had written a letter against him, he wrote to the papers justifying his move. We cannot take any legal action against K.P and the Attorney general has to take a stand with regard to this matter. So he is the one who should be championing this move.

Fonseka further noted:

Even though you say that the AG’s office is not Rajapaksa’s, I believe that the Attorney General was appointed to the position to fulfill the needs of the Rajapaksa regime. And it is not only Attorney General, because there are many juniors who work under him but they do not bow down to such practices and the new chairman appointed to Rakna Lanka is Jayantha Dhanapala. When complaints are lodged with him he says that he cannot proceed with any legal action citing that Gotabhaya calls him and says not to go ahead with it.

He also said:

For instance, a person goes to meet the President and he tells the President that a letter was given to one particular party saying that they alone can function as the head of Avante Guard and requests the president to invite them to hold the position as well. Thereafter, the President immediately sent a letter to the defence secretary in this regard. So, when the defense secretary was asked three months later as to what happened to the letter, he says that he received no such letter. However, that must have been the reason why the Defence Secretary was sent home. In fact, he has not gone home he has gone somewhere else.

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