Hambantota DS reveals details of a land racket

Hambantota DS reveals details of a land racket

Hambantota DS reveals details of a land racket

Written by Staff Writer

09 Sep, 2015 | 8:59 pm

The Hambantota District Secretary made a revelation in response to the News1st expose of  the land theft in Hambantota and revealed that there is a racket taking place over the forceful take over of lands in the district.

Several lands which belong to the Department of Wildlife in the Hambantota District have been taken over in this manner.

Newsfirst on Tuesday exposed the manner in which lands which belong to the Kurudana, Ketenwawa and Keliyapura villages in the Hambantota Divisional Secretariat have been taken over.

Hambantota District Secretary, A. Suvinitha stated that it is the people who possess some sort of might, who come to this area and take over lands by intimidating locals.

She went on to note that the people can always report to them at the secretariat; and they as administrative officials are always ready to look in to such matter regardless of the development activities.

She added that as these reports have emerged only over the past month or so, they are still in the process of gathering information within the provisions of the law. The villagers do not even know who these people are. So, they do not even know how to name those who are responsible for this.

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