Defence Seminar 2015 continues for second day

Defence Seminar 2015 continues for second day

Defence Seminar 2015 continues for second day

Written by Tharushan Fernando

02 Sep, 2015 | 9:55 pm

Day two of the Defence Seminar 2015, got underway in Colombo on Wednesday.

Themed as National Security in the Context of Emerging Global Threats, the Defence Seminar saw the participation of scholars, intellectuals, policy makers and military leaders, drawn from more than 40 countries.

Day two of the seminar was held under the topic Non-military threat to national security.

Advisor to the President on International Affairs, Dr. Chris Nonis went on to question what is the difference between a leader, a political leader and a real statesman?.

He  added that there were three leaders who he really thought achieved statesmanship – the first was Nelson Mandela. He said:

The second who I think achieved that statesman-like level was Lee Kuan Yew and the third person I have chosen is Dr. Mahathir Mohamed.

He said:

So what do we see in these three leaders? They have deep security, deep innocence of security to be able to transcend their egos and to be able to put their country and their people before their own ideology and before themselves and that if we all examine ourselves at an individual level and how we relate with each other or with one country to another and if we treat each other with respect and dignity irrespective of race or religion and if we ensure that the strong do not oppress the weak, and if we resepct each others human rights, values, sovereignty and territorial integrity: without imposing our own values and our own ideology and if we ensure social-economic justice, then we will have little to fear gentlemen. So, then we will derive and gain all the security that we yearn and crave for.


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