Update: Investigations commence into death of Welikada prison inmate

Update: Investigations commence into death of Welikada prison inmate

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31 Aug, 2015 | 7:02 pm

A prisoner at the Welikanda Prison committed suicide by hanging himself on Monday, August 31 morning. The deceased was 20 year old Mohammad Jibbry Aasmi from Mattakkuliya.

He was sentenced to prison on the 27th of last month on charges of possession of cannabis. He was under remand custody as he was unable to pay a fine of Rs. 1500.

According to a prison report he was placed in the Y ward of the the Welikada Prison and was sentenced to three months in Prison. It was suspected that he committed suicide at around 2 this morning.

Investigations have commenced into an incident where an inmate at the Welikada Prison committed suicide by hanging.

Commissioner General of Prison, Rohana Pushpakumara stated that they admitted him to the National Hospital as soon as they discovered them.

He went on to note that they still do not know the reason behind the suicide and added that if someone knows about the reason behind this death or suspect any reason they could make a statement during the Magisterial Inquest.

Further, he added that there are 10 prisoners in this ward as their department did not receive any complaints with regard to the possible reason behind his death. It was reported that this prisoner in question was in his cell at 2 am.

Jibbry Mohammad Aazmi who was resident of Simtipura, Mattakuliya was the breadwinner for two of his brothers as their father abandoned them. According to his family he was engaged in a small business.

Mother of the deceased stated that he was always taken to the Modara Police and was assaulted. He was also told that he will taken into the high court. They didnt let him go to work as he was the one who looked after the family.

Police stated that one of his brothers committed suicide 9 months ago. Police added that the victim was charged with possession of drugs on several occasions.

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