Colombo sees increase in Dengue fever

Colombo sees increase in Dengue fever

By Staff Writer

05 Jun, 2015 | 9:19 am

There has been an increase in the number of Dengue patients within the Colombo according to the city Municipal Council.

Chief Medical Officer of the CMC Dr. Ruwan Wijeymuni states that household inspections will be conducted on Friday, June 5.

He went onto state that with the increase in monsoonal rains, Dengue -related cases have also arisen and 1,300 dengue cases have been reported from Colombo this year alone while two succumbed to the fever.

Due to this, he said, officials of the health unit of the CMC and officials of the Ministry of Health, the tri-forces and Environmental Police will be involved in this inspection, with around 320 officials forming up 60 teams to conduct inspections in households in Colombo.

Dr. Wijeymuni said they are hoping to inspect around 3,500 houses.

He said they conducted inspections yesterday and managed to inspect around 3,531 houses; noting that the threat is that of these 3531 houses, 401 houses were found to be conducive to Dengue breeding.