SL sees increase in drug-addicted students being directed to rehab centres (Watch Report)

SL sees increase in drug-addicted students being directed to rehab centres (Watch Report)

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20 Jun, 2015 | 8:25 pm

There has been an increase in the number of school students addicted to narcotics being directed to rehabilitation centres, according to the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board

Chief adviser of the board W. Marasinghe said children as young as 13 years have fallen victim to the drug menace.

Nava Diganthaya is a place located in Urapola, Attanagalla. This centre is operated under the supervision of the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board with the sole purpose of rehabilitating drug addicts.

When News 1st visited this centre, the realities of the drug menace came to light. What is most significant is that with the change in the political environment, the use of drugs too changes in society.

It was revealed that the actions of politicians connected to the drug trade also contributes to the price variation of drugs in the market.

News 1st questioned those who arrived in Nava Diganthaya after January 8, 2015 in this regard. The following are some of the views expressed:

“… That means 120 mg costs Rs. 1000. It is available anywhere in the country. The price now has increased. The price which stood at Rs. 500 was simply increased to Rs. 1000. This is like a virus…”

“… It means that it was fun at first. But is kills us without even us knowing that it is killing us. It is a virus ..”

“… I was using heroin and 1g was priced at Rs.300. Now the price is Rs. 11,000. That is the price that is going about now …”

“… Those engaged in the trade in my area are no more. I am not for this government, but what we see must be said. After the establishment of the new government there has been a reduction in drugs …”

We also spoke with a few persons who have returned to normality after decades of using drugs:

“… Children should never get addicted to this. The government must do everything to stop this. At present, there has been a reduction of 75 percent. According to this new system, everything must be vested with the senior officer of the area. Drugs should not be kept in the area. If the officer pays closer attention to his area, the drugs will disappear….”

“… Now there are less drugs than before. I saw something after I left this area. I don’t need to paint a beautiful picture. There are no drugs from the places I used to buy them …”

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