Only peacocks fly out of the Mattala International Airport? (Watch video)

Only peacocks fly out of the Mattala International Airport? (Watch video)

Written by Staff Writer

17 Jun, 2015 | 7:23 am

Operations at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Airport have been limited to one flight per day. According to officials at the airport , the plane arrives from Katunanayake to Mattala and then flies to Abu Dhabi.

The Matala Mahinda Rajapaksa International airport was constructed as the second international airport of Sri Lanka.

However, this is the fate that has befallen this airport. (Please watch video).

Our first sight when entering the road leading to the Mattala International Airport was a herd of cattle. Pieces from the safety fence set up on either side of the road have been being taken away by unknown persons; many gateways have been created for the cattle to enter the road.

The sole plane that arrives at the Mattala Airport flies to Abu Dhabi without a single glance at this peacock structure. This is because no passenger uses this road.

A malfunctioned road light system has created an environment that is most preferred by wild elephants that roam the streets at night. The reason for the lighting system to malfunction is that some persons have taken away pieces of wiring that is supposed light up the streets.

The access road, which has been constructed at a colossal cost is currently being used to dry the pepper harvests.

The only request by these locals is that the Mattala Airport  not be cast aside – that this airport, constructed at a cost of billions of rupees, be made use of.


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