MP intervenes in Gampaha ‘coconut tree altercation’ consequences

MP intervenes in Gampaha ‘coconut tree altercation’ consequences

MP intervenes in Gampaha ‘coconut tree altercation’ consequences

Written by Tharushan Fernando

17 Jun, 2015 | 9:39 pm

An incident occurred on June 16 involving an altercation that was a result of the efforts taken by the employees of the Gamapaha Municipal council to cut down a coconut tree in the Wanathawatta area in Mudungoda.

The Municipal Council had decided to cut down the tree taking into consideration the risk it posed to pedestrians due to falling coconuts.

Since the owner of the coconut tree did not give his permission to cut down the tree, the employees of the Gampaha Municipal Council arrived at the location flanked with the police.

An employee at the municipal council and a police officer had later been admitted to hospital with injuries during the altercation.

A demonstration was organised by municipal council workers to condemn the incident, with the employees also abstaining from work on June 17.  Incidentally, parliamentarians also intervened in the matter and a heated argument arose between the deputy mayor and Gampaha District Parliamentarian Ajith Mannapperuma.

Deputy Mayor Ajith Basnayake stated that the police was influenced to release the individuals who were arrested. He added that there was information that after this man was arrested, certain politicians went to the police and tried to release him and that is wrong. He urged the police to conduct an unbiased investigation.

Gampaha District Parliamentarian Ajith Mannapperuma noted that the manner in which the police had acted is wrong and this cannot happen, adding it was mentioned that this is not the first time that this has happened.

He said this situation happened twice previously, and no one cared about it, and the third time it aggravated into an altercation. The MP said there were more than enough instances where this could have been solved. He also requested that the IGP conduct a special investigation into this matter.

Meanwhile, municipal council workers have taken steps to cut the top of the coconut tree subsequent to the altercation.

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