Tensions flare at North-western and Eastern Provincial Councils (Watch video)

Tensions flare at North-western and Eastern Provincial Councils (Watch video)

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16 Jun, 2015 | 7:48 pm

Tensions broke during the sessions of the Northwestern Provincial Council and the Eastern Provincial Council.

The reasons for the tensions were two appointments made to the provincial councils.

Two names were proposed for the vacant position of Deputy Chairman of the Northwestern Provincial Council.

Tikiri Adhikari was proposed by the Ruling Party while Hector Appuhami was proposed by the Opposition. Chief Minister of Northwestern Provincial Council , Dayasiri Jayasekera called for an open vote, however objecting to this the opposition called for a secret vote.

Thereby the chairman of the council proposed for a secret vote to be called for.

However, during the vote, the Chief Minister marked his ballot and showed it to the councilors, to which the opposition voiced its objection.

Later, another secret vote was called for , and Councilor Tikiri Adhikari received 30 votes while Hector Appuhamy received only 14 votes.

Thereby, Tikiri Adhikari was appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Council with a majority vote.Later, a request was made to the chairman to postpone the sessions citing that the ruling party councillors had been called to Colombo, the Opposition then too protested against it.

According to the agenda for the day, the no confidence motion against Northwestern Province Governor Amara Piyaseeli Rathnayake was to be taken up for debate on Tuesday.

Amidst these objections, the chairman of the council was compelled to call for a vote to postpone the session. Twenty seven  votes were cast in favor while 14 votes were cast against it and thereby the Council Sessions were postponed to June 30

Meanwhile, tensions also rose in the Eastern Provincial Council today over a discussion to appoint an opposition leader to the position left vacant for six months.

The United People’s Freedom Alliance proposed that Wimalaweera Dissanayake be appointed as the Opposition Leader.

Later during the sessions, eight UPFA Councilors presented a document that can be accepted as an affidavit to the Chairman, and Wimalweera Dissanayake was appointed as the Opposition Leader.


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