Rebooted “Fantastic 4” characters revealed

Rebooted “Fantastic 4” characters revealed

Rebooted “Fantastic 4” characters revealed

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15 Jun, 2015 | 6:17 pm

The first family of super heroes returns to the big screen on August 7 with Fantastic Four, based on the popular Marvel Comics characters. The film is a reboot of the franchise, separate from 2005’s Fantastic Four and its sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and promises to retell the team’s origin in an all-new way.

Judging from the most recent trailer, it looks as if the film will closer resemble Marvel’s Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book, rather than the original series. Instead of the team being a family of astronauts that gain superpowers in space after exposure to cosmic rays, they are depicted as younger versions of the characters that have just met and who receive their powers after an accident that occurs while they are experimenting with inter-dimensional travel.

While the characters that make up the Fantastic Four cast are based on the classic Stan Lee creations, it is clear from the trailers and everything else that we’ve heard about the film so far, that these will be very different versions of the superheroes than we’ve ever seen on screen before. If you are a Fantastic Four fanatic looking forward to the new film, check out’s handy guide below to the major characters appearing in the upcoming movie!

[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=””] Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller) [/image_slider]
[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=””] Susan Storm/Invisible Woman (Kate-Mara)  [/image_slider]
[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=””] Ben Grimm/The Thing (Jamie Bell) [/image_slider]
[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=””] Johnny Storm/Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan) [/image_slider]
[image_slider link=”full_url_link” source=””] Victor Domashev/Doom (Toby Kebbell) [/image_slider]


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