iOS 9 with new features unveiled

iOS 9 with new features unveiled

iOS 9 with new features unveiled

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09 Jun, 2015 | 4:14 pm

Apple opened today’s WWDC event with the new Mac OS X and took a while to get to the most important part which is iOS 9. Actually Mac OS X and iOS share some improvements, like a focus on security, but first things first.

iOS 9 will go into public beta next month and be available as a free update this fall. The new features are not as numerous as we’re used to see but here are the most important points.



Apple calls the new Siri proactive, it is now contextually aware and will offer help without you even having to ask. Overall it sounds a whole lot like Google Now (on Tap).
Siri keeps track of the time of day, your location and connected devices. So plugging in your headphones at home can do one thing (say, open the music player), connecting to your car’s Bluetooth will do something else (e.g. go to an audio book).


apple multi

Apple changed up the app switcher, now you see recent apps as 3D cards similar to Android Lollipop’s switcher but with bigger cards.

The bigger news, however, is split-screen multitasking, which is available only on iPads for now (sorry, iPhone 6 Plus users). It comes in two levels and the basic one is Slide Over.

Slide Over lets you dock an app on the side of the screen for a quick interaction. You can swipe from the top to view a list of other apps that can go into the side panel.

The more advanced feature is called Split View. In Slide Over the main app is greyed out, but in Split View both apps get to work simultaneously. You can switch between apps, change the split ratio and tap into links (e.g. a web address or a map address) and the relevant app will pop up, also in Split View.


maps apple

Apple updated Maps to support public transit. It supports everything from buses to ferries, even including walking directions between stops. Apple even mapped out big subway stations so Maps can lead you to the next place even underground.

Wherever you go, interesting nearby locations can be viewed with a single tap. And Apple has placed a clear indication if that location supports Apple Pay.



Apple is bringing additional enhancements to the iPad with the updated keyboard, which Apple calls QuickType. It now shows shortcuts for common actions like cut/copy/paste. The keyboard also doubles as a trackpad, you can use two fingers to move the cursor and select text like you would on a laptop without even reaching to the text box.

iPads also support actual, physical keyboards and iOS 9 will make it easy to discover helpful shortcuts, including ones for app switching.



iOS 9 will introduce a new native app – News. It’s a Flipboard-like setup, where you pick your interests and the app offers a curated list of news sources in a constant news stream called “For you”. It uses advanced machine learning to differentiate between over one thousand topics so it can really home in on your interests.

And like with Siri, this happens on the device so your reading habits are kept private. The more you use the app, the more it will learn about what you like.



The revamped Notes app now has text formatting options available to go with the handy new keyboard. It also makes it easy to create checklists and add photos and drawings to a Note. You can use the sharing menu to add shortcuts to notes.

Notes will be synced to your Mac over iCloud.

Car Play

apple car

Apple’s automotive interface will break free from wires and will show up on supported cars even while your phone is in your pocket. It will run apps from car makers for a deeper integration and control of your exact model.

Car makers can use better screens too – wider and with a higher pixel count.

Source: GSM Arena


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