Locals push for justice for Kotakethana murder victims (Watch Video)

Locals push for justice for Kotakethana murder victims (Watch Video)

Written by Tharushan Fernando

03 Jun, 2015 | 8:27 pm

Tensions reignited in Kotakethana, Kahawatte following the acquittal of the suspects in the 2012 murder of two women in the area.

The son of one of the women, who were murdered April 4, u currently in custody on suspicion. The father of the suspect and husband of the victim stated that the door was ajar, the lights were switched on and there was blood everywhere.

He added that her hair had been cut and when the body was recovered from the river, it was not his wife, since the hair had cut and that there was a black clump that was found under this box when he used the torch on his phone. He noted that after seeing that it was the hair, the police had been informed. He noted that this happened only after 14 days.

Several people had been arrested in connection with the killings in the area and later released. One such suspect stated that the police wrote the statement, asked the individual to sign it and then afterwards when he did not accept it, they hit him.

He added that the first time he was apprehended was while being at a shop and they had tied him up and kept him for a week. He also added that for four days he was unaware of where he was and the police kept urging him to confess to committing the murder.

Police Media Spokesperson,ASP Ruwan Gunasekera stated that just because someone makes a statement admitting to one murder or more, there is no validity to the statement that will be sufficient to make the suspect guilty of the crime. He added that this is a completely false statement. and that the Police Department will at no instance admit that such an incident occurred and that There were several opportunities until now to complain about this matter.

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