Police Anti-Corruption Unit uncovers large scale liquor racket (watch video)

Police Anti-Corruption Unit uncovers large scale liquor racket (watch video)

Police Anti-Corruption Unit uncovers large scale liquor racket (watch video)

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31 May, 2015 | 5:44 pm

The Walana Anti-Corruption Unit raided a large-scale liquor racket within the Pambala Lagoon Reserve which falls under the purview of the Madampe Police Division today (May 31st). The raid, carried out by officers of the Walana Anti-Corruption Unit, was a highly classified operation.

Officials from the Anti-Corruption unit had stationed themselves in close proximity to the lagoon last evening and launched the raid early this morning, to apprehend the dealers of this racket.

The police arrested the chief suspects just moments after they reported to work and began refining the alcohol early this morning. According to the Police nearly 500 bottles of alcohol manufactured by the racketeers are sold around the country on a daily basis.

Over 50 barrels of undistilled alcohol were recovered and later destroyed by the Police while other equipment used to manufacture the liquor as well as the suspects were handed over to the Madampe Police.

Meanwhile area residents of Kopiwaththe, Minuwangoda staged a protest demanding that speedy measures must be taken to stop the liquor racket, which has been causing several issues in the area.

The locals charge that even though they had informed the police regarding the racket on a number of occasions steps were not being taken to address this issue.

The demonstrators who commenced their protest from Kopiwatte later marched to a residence, allegedly where the liquor racket is being carried out. The group continued their demonstration by obstructing the Minuwangoda – Dagonna main road.

According to our correspondent Chief Minister of the Western Province Prasanna Ranatunga who arrived at the scene of the demonstration promised that a solution will be given to the issue within a week. The protesters dispersed thereafter.

Police Anti-Corruption Unit uncovers large scale liquor racket.Read more : http://goo.gl/G6YJnX

Posted by Newsfirst.lk on Sunday, May 31, 2015

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