Ranbhumi National Unity Rally – from Matale to Mawanella

Ranbhumi National Unity Rally – from Matale to Mawanella

Ranbhumi National Unity Rally – from Matale to Mawanella

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25 May, 2015 | 9:59 pm

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity, organised by MTV/MBC, News 1st, Colombo Port City and the National Youth Services Council, has completed 18 days of the forty-day, countrywide journey to spread the message of peace, co-existence and harmony.

The convoy resumed the journey from Matale on the morning of Monday 25 May – going through Wattegama to the hill capital, Kandy – for its final destination of the day.

The rally began today’s official work with religious observances held at the Sri Muththuamman Kovil in Matale, to invoke blessings on the Ranbhumi Rally, after which, the convoy was flagged off by the locals of Matale.

The people of Matale, strong with the memory of the unity they displayed in the independence struggle, joined the Ranbhumi Rally with enthusiasm as they symbolised their commitment to unity by ceremonially gifting the city’s engraved brick for the Ranbhumi monument.

Chief Minister of the Central Province Sarath Ekanayake noted that The Ranbhumi Rally approached Wattegama afterwards for the second stop of the day, to a warm welcome from the people of the city.  The people of Wattegama waited with great anticipation for the arrival of the Ranbhumi Rally which is journeying across 1500 villages, towns and cities around the country. The people of the city then joined hands to ceremonially gift the city’s engraved brick for the Ranbhumi monument.

Consequently, the Ranbhumi Rally for Unity commenced the journey to the hill capital where the convoy received a warm welcome as it entered Kandy, the home of the Sacred Tooth Relic. A massive crowd had gathered in Kandy to welcome the Ranbhumi Rally, which will go down in history as the largest undertaking of its kind to foster national unity, co-existence and harmony.

The people who gathered in Kandy, representing the strength of a nation united, then gifted the city’s brick for the Ranbhumi monument.

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity which is bringing Sri Lankan hearts together, brick by brick, will complete Day 19 of the countrywide journey on Tuesday May 26 as the the Rally will be flagged off from the Cultural Cente in Galagedera, Kandy.

The Ranbhumi Rally will reach the Rambukkana Railway Station at 11 a.m, before proceeding to Mawanella at 2 p.m.

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