Toastmasters International Conference commences in Colombo (Watch video)

Toastmasters International Conference commences in Colombo (Watch video)

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23 May, 2015 | 9:23 pm

The Toastmasters International Conference which attracts speakers from across the world, commenced at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall in Colombo on Friday evening

A colourful ceremony inaugurated the Toastmaster International Conference.

A large number of international delegates and local and international speakers are taking part in the Toastmasters International Conference 2015.

Roger Konoposak , an internationally acclaimed speaker kept the audience engaged with his speech on creating reality.

Speaking at the conference Roger Konopasek said:

“In a nutshell what happens is this, we all think we know the reality, what is true, what is false, and people are fighting each other some times for having great misunderstandings. So, what we need to do is to explain in the most clarity possible rather the biggest clarity possible – how is it that our brain receives information through touch, sound, hear and what not, and how we fill our bits and pieces of information we choose to turn into our sense of reality. and how to shift the filters that creates this reactor in our brains into becoming more clearer and concise and allowing us to see more information with precision and getting better results and leading our team better …”

Chevaan Daniel the Group Director of TCMOL delivered an oration on the Fourth Century in Sri Lanka, focusing on the reign of King Kashyapa.

“… Look at Kashyapa, he had a dream and he achieved it, and Kashyapa’s long gone. But a 1500 years on, we are still talking about it, we are still inspired about it, we are still motivated by his greatness. And shouldn’t us as well as our children be told this story of the greatness of our own people? In order to understand the real standards that we should be setting for ourselves. All we need is you.. people with influence, with the need and the want to make a difference to understand how great we truly are…”

The Toastmasters International Conference will conclude on Sunday May 24.

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