Ranbhumi Rally for Unity reaches Karuwalagaswewa (Photos/Video)

Ranbhumi Rally for Unity reaches Karuwalagaswewa (Photos/Video)

Ranbhumi Rally for Unity reaches Karuwalagaswewa (Photos/Video)

Written by Staff Writer

19 May, 2015 | 8:53 pm

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity, which is travelling across the island, bringing hearts together, brick by brick, reached Karuwalagaswewa on the evening of Tuesday May 19.

Today’s leg of the journey commenced in Anuradhapura.

Prior to the departure of the Ranbhumi Rally from Anuradhapura, homage was paid to the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and blessings were invoked.

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity marked the commencement of today’s leg of the countrywide journey, with a grand event held opposite the Anuradhapura Municipal Council, with the blessings and good wishes of the people of Anuradhapura.

Multi-faith religious leaders led by the Maha Sangha, representatives of the senior management of the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited and officials of the National Youth Services Council, graced the occasion.

The Chief Incumbent of the Sambuddha Jayanthi Viharaya in Anuradhapura and Chief Sanghanayaka of the North and North Central provinces, Venerable Panditha Nugethenne Pangnananda Thera also extended his blessings to the Ranbhumi Rally.

Cultural dance performances added more colour to the rally.

Speaking at the event, Group Director of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited,  Chevaan Daniel expressed the following views:

”When there is development most of our day to day problems will be reduced. We will not have to send our mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers to the Middle East. We can remain in Sri Lanka with pride; work for Sri Lanka and live good wholesome lives, if we achieve this development. Look at most developed countries in the world. The people lead good lives peacefully. Why can’t Sri Lanka strive to reach this position? There is no reason why we cannot do it. What shortcomings do we have in this country? None.”

Meanwhile Director/General Manager of News 1st Yasarath Kamalsiri said:

” In addition to these island-wide journeys, there is much that we have done in the past several years. One is the Gammadda programme, where we go from village to village. Then there is the Gamata Kreeda programme. Through such programmes, we reach out across all of Sri Lanka, we touch the people, every second of every minute of every hour of every day, on radio and TV. Sirasa, is a people’s channel. As News 1st, we have gone beyond traditional news reporting, and have positioned ourselves as a channel that is willing to go anywhere in the country at any time and serve the people.

The people of Anuradhapura, ceremonially gifted the brick with the name of Anuradhapura engraved on it, as a symbol of their commitment to unity and development.

The Ranbhumi Rally then reached Nochchiyagama in the afternoon. In Nochchiyagama too, where many communities live in unity, the Ranbhumi Rally received a warm welcome.

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity then journeyed to Karuwalagaswewa, the endpoint of today’s leg of the journey.

A group of motorcyclists too joined in the rally, adding  more colour to the procession.

An Angampora exhibition held in Karuwalagaswewa, caught the eyes of many.

The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity, organised by MTV/MBC, News 1st, Colombo Port City and the National Youth Services Council, will journey from Puttalam to Arachchikattuwa via Madurankuliya, on Wednesday May 20.

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