Ranbumi Rally for Unity arrives in Jaffna (Photos & Video)

Ranbumi Rally for Unity arrives in Jaffna (Photos & Video)

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10 May, 2015 | 10:20 pm

The Ranbumi Rally for Unity, which intends to bring Sri Lankan hearts together as one reached Jaffna on Sunday (May 10th) evening.The Rally commenced Day three of the journey across the country, from Killinochchi.

Killinochchi, which is home to the Peace Garden, a symbol of national unity, hosted the commencement of Day three of the Ranbumi Rally for Unity this morning. An Ashirvada pooja was held at the Murukundi Kovil in Killinochchi prior to the departure of the Ranbumi Rally for Unity.

The purpose of the pooja ceremony was to invoke the blessings of the gods for the journey of the Ranbumi rally and to pray for the success of the effort to foster national unity.

The Ranbumi Rally for Unity, a combined effort of Sirasa, Shakthi, News1st, the National Youth Services Council and the Colombo Port City, commenced Day three of the journey today from the NYSC premises in Killinochchi.

The brick gifted by the people of Killinochchi for the Ranbumi monument, was ceremonially accepted today. Amid the blessings of the people, the Ranbumi Rally for Unity bid farewell to Killinochchi and made its way to Pooneryn.

People turned out in their numbers to welcome the Ranbumi Rally for Unity as it approached Pooneryn. The brick bearing the name of Pooneryn for the Ranbumi monument, was ceremonially presented for the rally on Sunday, marking Pooneryn’s support to building a nation devoid of communal and religious differences.

Jaffna marked the endpoint for Day three of the Ranbumi rally for unity, which will travel to 1500 villages, towns and cities in the island over 40 days. The Ranbumi Rally for Unity approached Jaffna via the Sangupiddy bridge, another endeavor which connected the North and the South.

The Ranbumi Rally for Unity also paused at the Nallur Kovil where Ashirvada pooja was held, invoking blessings on the Ranbumi rally for unity.

Following an event held at the Jaffna town to mark the arrival of the Ranbumi rally, Jaffna too etched its name in support of the collective development of the Ranbumi.

Monday (May 11th) will mark the 4th day of the Ranbhumi rally for unity. On Monday the rally will make its way through Chunnakkam, Point Pedro and Chavakachcheri.

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Ranbumi Rally for Unity, which intends to bring Sri Lankan hearts together as one, wraps up its third day at Jaffna

Posted by Newsfirst.lk on Sunday, May 10, 2015

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