Windows 10 “the last version of Windows”

Windows 10 “the last version of Windows”

Windows 10 “the last version of Windows”

Written by Staff Writer

08 May, 2015 | 4:41 pm

Speaking at an Ignite conference this week, Microsoft employee Jerry Nixon stated that they are releasing Windows 10 since it is the last version of Windows.

He explained on how Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 last year, but in the background it was developing Windows 10. While it immediately sounds as if Microsoft is killing off Windows and not developing any future version, the reality is more complex. The future is “Windows as a Service.”

Microsoft has been discussing the idea of Windows as a service, but the company hasn’t really explained exactly how that will play out with future versions of Windows. That might be because there won’t really be any future major versions of Windows in the foreseeable future.

Microsoft has altered the way it engineers and delivers Windows, and the initial result is Windows 10. Instead of big releases, there will be regular improvements and updates. Part of this is achieved by splitting up operating system components like the Start Menu and built-in apps to be separate parts that can be updated independently to the entire Windows core operating system. It’s a big undertaking, but it’s something Microsoft has been actively working on for Windows 10 to ensure it spans across multiple device types.

The software company is testing preview builds of Window 10 with willing participants, and apps like Xbox and Mail have been engineered for regularly monthly updates. Even Office for Windows 10 will also get regular updates, much like a mobile version, instead of the big bang release every few years.

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