Capture of elephants and the fate of calves – Sandula’s story

Capture of elephants and the fate of calves – Sandula’s story

Capture of elephants and the fate of calves – Sandula’s story

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05 May, 2015 | 9:52 pm

The elephant is one of the most valued and revered animals in our country. However,  several problems have cropped up regarding these animals.

Among these problems, of primary concern is the illegal capture and domestication of wild elephant calves.

Sandula is not growing up in the environment he was born in. (Please see video). This baby elephant who was torn away from his mother’s care at a very young age is now owned by a human master, and is being brought up by one man.

However, this man who took care of Sandula from a very young age had to leave him.

That is for making the mistake of putting a price on Sandula and separating him from his mother.

The Criminal Investigations Division took Sandula under their care after his owners were unable to provide legal documentation regarding Sandula’s ownership.

This move was the result of a court order. The Criminal Investigations Department secured the support of the Wildlife Department, which has been caught in the midst of a scandal as a result of misplacing the registry of tame elephants in the country,.

Meanwhile, an officer who was known to be in charge of the tame elephant register was arrested recently and a chief suspect in the elephant racket was also arrested along with ‘Ali Roshan’ who was placed under remand custody.

The CID said that the elephant calf was rescued based on a tip-off received and based on information retrieved from arrested persons.

The calf, now under the custody of wildlife officers will be handed over to the Pinnawala elephant orphanage.

Sandula is now separated from his friend.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Investigations Department during investigations carried out on Tuesday, rescued another elephant calf from the Sambodhi Viharaya in Weliweriya.

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