Today marks the129th International May Day

Today marks the129th International May Day

Today marks the129th International May Day

Written by Lahiru Fernando

01 May, 2015 | 8:42 pm

Today May 1, marks the 129th International Labourers’ Day or better known as May Day.

It all began in Chicago, USA on the 1st of May, 1886. Over 1000 workers initially gathered, requesting their work shift be limited to eight hours a day. And as the protest progressed into its fourth day, the number of protesters grew to over 150,000, thus, creating a memorable day in world history.

The struggle of the workers cost many lives and when finally the right of the workers were granted, including eight hour shifts, the Haymarket Square was a pool of blood.

Since then, all countries saw red flags raised on  May 1, to commemorate the massacre and remember those who fought for their rights.

Sri Lanka celebrated its first May Day or Labour Day in 1927 under the patronage of Labour Leader E.A.Gunasinghe.

Gunasinghe was once the Mayor of Colombo, a parliamentarian and minister in the country and also was one of the pioneering forces to reduce Imperialist influence on the country.

His 124th birthday was celebrated on Friday in lieu of May Day at the Gunasinghe Memorial in Pettah.

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