President’s Counsel Jayampathy Wickremaratne on the 19A (Watch Video)

President’s Counsel Jayampathy Wickremaratne on the 19A (Watch Video)

Written by Tharushan Fernando

30 Apr, 2015 | 9:16 pm

President’s Counsel member, Jayampathy Wickremaratne stated at a media briefing on Thursday that, as a first step, one can be satisfied with the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. He further noted that it is the President that continues to function as the head of state, the head of the executive, the head of the government and a member of the cabinet as well as its head.

He further added that the president’s term of office and the period of parliament have been reduced to five years and the president cannot dissolve parliament at his sole discretion for the first four and a half years of this term: but the parliament can be dissolved only at the request of a two thirds majority.

He went on to explain that the president can appoint the prime minister based on the fact that he commands the majority in parliament and the president’s power to remove the prime minister no longer exists. He noted that the prime minister can be removed through a simple majority in the event a No  Confidence Motion is presented and if the budget is defeated, the entire cabinet and the prime minister will lose their positions.

Explaining the the new amendment, he added that the Ccabinet ministers, state ministers and deputy ministers will be appointed by the president upon the recommendations of the prime minister, and a dual citizen cannot contest parliamentary elections.

He ended the briefing by stating that he believes the powers have been reduced by 60 to 65% and it is the Supreme Court that states if the final action or decision is made by the president and a referendum is not required.

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