Chess grandmaster kicked out from tournament

Chess grandmaster kicked out from tournament

Chess grandmaster kicked out from tournament

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14 Apr, 2015 | 5:03 pm

Georgian national chess champion grandmaster Gaioz Nigalidze was kicked out of a tournament in Dubai after it was discovered he was using a smartphone in the bathroom during a game.

Nigalidze’s opponent, Armenian champion Tigran Petrosian, complained to the officials that Nigalidze was visiting the bathroom a little too regularly. Nigalidze always used the same cubicle for extended periods of time. After investigation, the officials found a smartphone buried in the trash bin.

Eventhough Gaioz refused that the smartphone is his, there were pretty clear clues that the device belonged to him. The smartphone was logged into his Facebook account, and it had a chess running, showing his position on the chess board.

The two players were in the sixth round of the Dubai Open when the incident occurred. The prize for winning the tournament is $12,000.

Gaioz’s case will be reviewed by the International Chess Federation’ Anti-Cheating Commission, which was formed last year. If he’s found guilty he will could face a three-year ban from chess competitions.

An image showing the moves of Gaioz’s chess game:

chess caught


Source: Mashable


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