Kittampahuwa, Wellampitiya residents say attempt to fill marshy land is illegal

Kittampahuwa, Wellampitiya residents say attempt to fill marshy land is illegal

Kittampahuwa, Wellampitiya residents say attempt to fill marshy land is illegal

Written by Staff Writer

13 Apr, 2015 | 9:37 pm

Residents voiced their concerns, and protested over an attempt to illegally fill a marshy land in Kittampahuwa, Wellampitiya. News 1st directed this plight to the respective authorities.

Chairman of the Central Environmental Authority, Professor Lal Dharmasiri noted that he will look into the matter and bring this issue to the attention of relevant government officials. The Central Environmental Authority, as stated, fulfilled this promise.

People in the area asked whether the officials can’t see this ? Thereafter, they had contacted News1st to share their plight on this action which they alleged, is being carried out by government officials and political forces. Further, even though they reached the police and the environmental authority they had not got any response from them.

However, they stated that their attempts resulted in death threats, if they invite the media and hold protests.

Our News1st reporter noted that this is a fair request made by the people for when the rains pour  their houses  will be filled with water. Therefore, it was pointed out that the officials need to find an immediate solution to this problem. A stream which flows through Wellampitiya, Brandiyawaththa and Wennawaththe ends up on three and a half acre area of marshy land. Also, it is discovered that filling of land on this three and a half acre marshy land was done without obtaining any approval.

Director General CEA K.S. Muthukudaarachchi noted that this has been occurring for a couple of weeks but it is the first time the Central Environment authority was informed about this.  He stated that no farm land can be filled without prior permission obtained from the Commissioner of Agarian Services. Further, he stated that he will gather all relevant institutions and address the issue before the New Year Season.

The residents of the area noted that they would like to thank Sirasa. They said

If this place gets flooded our children would not have any place to live.

They went on to state that they would have no other option but to start living on the road. Thus they extended their heartfelt thanks and appreciation for helping them in their effort to point out these unfair and illegal acts.

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