CHEC Port City says govt yet to invite them for discussion or issue directive

CHEC Port City says govt yet to invite them for discussion or issue directive

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07 Apr, 2015 | 7:28 pm

CHEC Port City, the Project Company of the Colombo Port City, notes that the government is yet to invite the company for a discussion or issue a directive to the company regarding the project review process which is currently underway.

Issuing a statement on Tuesday, CHEC Port City noted that the Company had requested for an opportunity to express its concerns regarding the temporary suspension to the government-appointed review committee, and is willing to fully cooperate with the committee during the review process.

Noting that the company had immediately complied with the suspension notice issued on  March 6, the statement adds that as per the directive of the government, copies of all permits and approvals were submitted within two working days.

The company re-iterates that these permits and approvals were originally issued by the relevant competent authorities of the government of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, clearly directing the Project Company to commence reclamation work of the Colombo Port City.

Furthermore, CHEC Port City points out that, in keeping with the agreement signed between the Project Company and the Sri Lankan Government, the responsibility for securing approvals and permits relating to the project is vested with the Government and the SLPA, while the commercial risk is being absorbed by the Project Company – a total project development cost of approximately 1.4 billion US dollars, has been invested by the Project Company.

CHEC Port City concludes that it awaits the opportunity to clarify details and provide necessary information to the Project Review Committee.

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