Nintendo games finally join the mobile platform

Nintendo games finally join the mobile platform

Nintendo games finally join the mobile platform

Written by Staff Writer

20 Mar, 2015 | 6:21 pm

If you are an 80s kid or a 90s kid, you would remember the name “Nintendo”. The Nintendo video game console defined the 80’s and 90’s childhood for the most part with games like Super Mario brothers, Donky Kong, Tetris, The legend of Zelda, Pokemon etc:

However, with the advancement of technology, Sony and Microsoft introducing the playstation and xbox, Nintendo’s fire began to die down. Only the Nintendo DS and the Wii caught on with the market but still miles behind Playstation and Xbox. Which is not really a surprise considering the reputation Nintendo has for their resistance to change. The previous Wii did’t even support HD but they did offer motion controls, a change to the traditional gameplay standard which actualy did sell very well to non-traditional gamers.

But now though, Nintendo seem to be eyeing on a big return to the gaming world. But not the way you would imagine. Not even on the same platforms you would think. Making a bombshell of an announcement on Tuesday, 17th March, Nintendo is moving to Mobile Gaming. A little 7 years late to the party, but hey, Super Mario and Donkey Kong will finally be playable on mobile devices. A good reason to celebrate as you go down memory-lane.

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