Willing to assist Sri Lanka to solve any difficulties: says China

Willing to assist Sri Lanka to solve any difficulties: says China

Written by Bella Dalima

19 Mar, 2015 | 7:37 pm

China says that as a partner, it is willing to assist Sri Lanka to solve any difficulties and provide assistance over the suspension of construction activities.

Vice President of China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd, Qiaoliang Tang stated that they are ‘legally binding’ before the commencement of the construction.

He said:

We are happy to see that the letters given to us by the Sri Lankan government is to suspend the construction activities on our side so at China harbour we have never jumped to the conclusion that the Sri Lankan government has terminated the contract between an international company and the government.

He went on to note that as a cooperative partner, China will assist  Sri Lanka to solve any difficulties.

Speaking exclusively to News1st , Deputy Director General of the Western Region Development Department of the National Development and Reform Commission made the following remarks on the suspension of the Port City Project.

He stated that the companies are mostly concerned about whether there is a change of policy in the new government. Many investors  do not hope to see the change of investment policy due to the change in government.

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