Free upgrades for pirated softwares

Free upgrades for pirated softwares

Free upgrades for pirated softwares

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19 Mar, 2015 | 3:47 pm

Most developing countries are known for pirating softwares and using pirated software. This situation has kept on going unchanged as there are no implemented laws which are strong enough to take effective measures against the copyright infringements.


Well, all the pirates and those who use pirated software have got a reason to celebrate as, strangely enough, Microsoft, who have been one of the leading companies in the fight against software piracy, announced that the latest release of Windows 10 will be available for free as an upgrade. All that is fabulous news but here is a cherry to go with that good piece of cake, The upgrade will be compatible with both genuine and pirated versions of windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

However, as expected, this piece of cake has a catch. Yes, Windows 10 will be free; for the first year. after that though, users will need to pay.

Mircosoft revealed the latest edition preview on Wednesday, 18th of March, boasting multiple new features in the new operating system that powers the majority of the desktop computers in the world. Microsoft also had another ace up their sleeve. The tech world was left jaw-dropped with Microsoft’s take on virtual reality called “Windows Holographic”, powered by the HoloLens.

Speaking at the unveiling, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 the most loved release of Windows and added that they are going to have services everywhere.

Makes us wonder though. Why? Why now?. The answer is big, red and highly populated. China. Hundreds of millions of users in China are running pirated copies of the OS and with this free upgrade move, Microsoft plans to “re-engage” those users.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that they believe their customers will over time realize the value of properly licensing Windows and also said that it will be easy for the users to move to legitimate copies.

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