Colombo Stock Exchange indices plunge (Watch Video)

Colombo Stock Exchange indices plunge (Watch Video)

Written by Staff Writer

17 Mar, 2015 | 9:31 pm

Indices at the Colombo Stock Exchange continued to plunge in the past eleven days. There was no sign of change at the conclusion of trading on Tuesday as well.

In the  last month, the All Share Price Index stood at 243 points; that is a drop of 3.3 percent. During this period, Citrus Leisure stood out for recording the lowest indices.

By the end of last week, a share of the company was down from 30 cents per share, this is a drop of 40 percent compared to the week before. There have been a number of irregularities in the stock market in the past as a result of the Colombo Stock Exchange crashing in the recent past.

Even though the all share price index rose by 6.09 points at the end of trading on Tuesday, March 17, the S and P index dropped by 6.11 points.

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