One-year-old swept away by Dambulu Oya’s rising waters (Watch Report)

One-year-old swept away by Dambulu Oya’s rising waters (Watch Report)

Written by Staff Writer

15 Feb, 2015 | 9:31 pm

News1st has reported on a spate of tragic incidents in the recent past where adult negligence has led to the deaths of children.

Another such tragedy was reported from Kekirawa on Sunday morning.

Infant Riyas Riswan, from Valachchenai, had come with his parents on Saturday  to his grandmother’s home in Kekirawa.

The family had gone to the Dambulu Oya which runs adjacent to the home, to bathe. Our reporter says that the water level of the Dambulu Oya which carries water from the Ibbankatuwa reservoir to the Kala Wewa, was high on Saturday.

The mother had placed the two children including one year and ten month old Riyas on the bank after bathing them, in the care of a female relative.

Riyas’ mother however realised that the boy was missing while she was bathing. A search operation was conducted along the Dambulu Oya on Sunday on the suspicion that the child may have fallen into the waterway.

The child’s body was discovered five kilometres downriver from where they had been bathing.

Today’s incident brings the number of children, who have died as a result of negligence, over the past several weeks, to eight.


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