MP Buddhika Pathirana visits Deniyaya market – reveals sabotage plot

MP Buddhika Pathirana visits Deniyaya market – reveals sabotage plot

Written by Bella Dalima

14 Feb, 2015 | 6:07 pm

United National Party Parliamentarian Buddhika Pathirana on Saturday inquired into the problems of the people at the Deniyaya Pallegama market.

MP Buddhika Pathirana was given a grand welcome by the people upon arrival at the Pallegama Market.

The parliamentarian said that he has received a large response from the people in his programme to provide real solutions to the problems of the people.

UNP Parliamentarian, Buddhika Pathirana stated that a gang of officials in the state sector, with the assistance of a few of those hiding in the shadows of defeat. are conspiring to sabotage the ’35 day old infant government’ by the time they are 100 days old.

He said that some copy bureaus are photo copying sheet of paper which was given to all Grama Niladharis and other officials to conduct a survey on low income families, and selling it for Rs.5.

He went on to say that they distribute this sheet of paper to their loyalists and spread the word saying that everyone who has this sheet of paper will be given a house or Samurdhi. A pamphlet has also been printed by certain Samurdhi officials together with a few organisers of electorates of the SLFP, with the intention of putting the government to disrepute.

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