Standard price for Hoppers

Standard price for Hoppers

Written by Lahiru Fernando

06 Feb, 2015 | 4:39 pm

Addressing a media briefing convened on Friday the national organizer of the All-Island Canteen Owners Association, Asela Sampath noted that a collective decision was taken to reduce the price of several goods.
He noted that the reduction in prices essential goods and the reduction in price of LP gas directly benefits hoteliers and as a result they should pass it on to the consumers as well.

Asela Sampath went on to note that a decision was reached to reduce the price of a cup of black tea to Rs.10 while the price of cup of milk tea has been reduced to Rs.30. Remarking that hoppers played a key role during the presidential election as a symbol and slogan the national organizer of the All-Island Canteen Owners Association stated that a decision as reached to reduce prices of hoppers to Rs10.

He however noted that a policy of “one country, one price” should be adopted adding that authorities should take measures to ensure that consumers receive the benefits of the concessions granted through the budget. To this end he proposed that the current administration devise a proper procedure to protect the rights of consumers.

Asela also called on hoteliers to renovate their establishments using the concessions granted by the government and also take measure to ensure that their staff are clean and well groomed. However the national organizer warned PHI’s not to take his word and begin raiding establishments right away and called instead on authorities to lay proper rules and provide hoteliers with the training to create a cleaner workplace. He went on to note that those who fail to follow these instructions should be punished.

Addressing the same media briefing Chairman of the national movement to protect Consumer rights, Ranjith Vidanage noted that the government should not have reduced the prices of bread as it results in an unhealthy lifestyle.

He went on to question why milk powder prices were reduced and remarked that this affects dairy farmers. However Ranjith Vidanagamage also questioned why the government did not take steps to reduce the prices of non-fat milk powder.

The Chairman of the national movement to protect Consumer rights concluded by stating that what is important for them is whether or not the concessions granted through budgets reach the public and not who gave them.

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