TNA Parliamentary Group Leader Sampanthan speaks out on Eastern PC

TNA Parliamentary Group Leader Sampanthan speaks out on Eastern PC

Written by Staff Writer

03 Feb, 2015 | 10:07 pm

Speaking to News1st on Tuesday evening, TNA Parliamentary Group Leader R. Sampanthan, expressed the following views on the matter of the Eastern Provincial Council.

‘We came in second in the election. There was a gap of only 6,000 votes between us and the ruling party. The gap between the Muslim Congress and us was 61,000 votes. We were placed first in two of the three districts in the province. They failed to come first in even one district. It is our stance that we should be given preference. They lost their mandate. They do not have a mandate to form an administration. We say that the Chief Ministerial position must be given to the TNA and we believe that we will take up ministerial postings as well in the province. We are hopeful of the support of the UNP in this matter. We believe that this should happen in keeping with the mandate that has been given by the people. At the concluded presidential election, we all embraced the opposition candidate as one. We opposed the previous government from the beginning. Unlike them, we did not stick to that government and then leave at the last moment. Our people and us have come forward amid all the pressures brought to bear by the former government of Mahinda Rajapaksa. We are calling for justice and law. We did not stick to that government and leave at the last moment. We believe that all should be united in this matter. As far as we are concerned, our people are patient. We recognise the rights of the Muslim people and we are always prepared to recognise their rights. Therefore, we believe that they should comprehend the truth of this matter moving forward.”

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