Cancer crisis:  UK cases to reach ‘record high in 2015’

Cancer crisis: UK cases to reach ‘record high in 2015’

Cancer crisis: UK cases to reach ‘record high in 2015’

Written by Ranee Mohamed

11 Jan, 2015 | 9:07 am

There will be a record 2.5 million people living with a cancer diagnosis in the UK in 2015, an analysis by Macmillan Cancer Support predicts.

The charity says the surge will create a crisis of “unmanageable proportions”, despite improvements in survival and diagnosis being partly behind the rise.

It says political parties need to take urgent action.

Department of Health officials say survival rates are now at their highest ever in England.

The report says the growing older population has contributed to the rise – an increase of almost half a million people “living with cancer” in the last five years.

The figure includes people who are undergoing treatment and those who have been given the all-clear.

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Lynda Thomas of Macmillan Cancer Support says: “While it is great news that more people are surviving cancer or living longer with it, progress is a double-edged sword.

“As numbers surge, the NHS will soon be unable to cope with the huge increase in demand for health services.

“As we are threatened by a cancer crisis of unmanageable proportions, all political parties must step up and make a real commitment to supporting people with cancer.”


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