Sajith Premadasa counters ‘crossover’ rumours (Watch Report)

Sajith Premadasa counters ‘crossover’ rumours (Watch Report)

Written by Staff Writer

05 Jan, 2015 | 7:46 pm

Deputy Leader of the United National Party Sajith Premadasa says that he will not leave the UNP.

He expressed these views at a rally held in Kolonna on Monday.


They say that Sajith Premadasa is not to be seen on Maithripala Sirisena’s stage. They say Sajith Premadasa is about to crossover. They say Sajith Premadasa will join the betel leaf for the Prime Minister’s position. My friends, I ask you, why should I join the betel leaf for a two-bit Prime Minister’s position at a time when the people of this country are hoping to make me the leader of this country in the future? Each and every person is asking me if I will leave. They ask me if I will get on the UPFA stage in Debarawewa. They say that crowds are being drawn to the Debarawewa rally saying that Premadasa’s son is joining the alliance. Look at the bankruptcy of the betel leaf. How low have they fallen? Their campaign has been caught up in lies and deception. The next 48 hours are extremely important. My friends, remember that Premadasa’s son will never make two-bit political decisions for benefits and privileges.


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