Nandimithra Ekanayake says ‘two more defections on the way’

Nandimithra Ekanayake says ‘two more defections on the way’

Written by Bella Dalima

03 Jan, 2015 | 10:18 pm

Nandimithra Ekanayake who defected from the government to support Maithripala Sirisena made a revelation at a press conference in Matale on Saturday.

He expressed the following views:

[quote]Come tomorrow, you will hear news of two more defections from Parliament. You wouldn’t have imagined that they would cross over. Incidentally, on the 5th the third leader of the Parliament will also pledge his support to Maithripala Sirisena. We have faith. No matter how many songs of loyalty are sung for the president by those who love the country and have a clear vision; when the times comes, they will support this cause. Even if the heads of these MPs turn or not and even if I do not go, a majority of people in this district are waiting for a change against the waste, corruption, fraud and intimidation.[/quote]

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