Present day politics has become a muddy swamp: Anura Kumara

Present day politics has become a muddy swamp: Anura Kumara

Written by Bella Dalima

10 Dec, 2014 | 6:54 pm

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake says that present day politics has become a muddy swamp.

He made this statement, addressing a rally held in Nittambuwa on Tuesday evening. The rally held in Nittambuwa, was part of a series of public awareness meetings organised by the JVP, ahead of the upcoming presidential polls.

MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake shared these views;

[quote]They crossover from one side to another and they are bought over from one side to another. What they said yesterday changes by today. What they say today, changes tomorrow. Yesterday, they were scolding them to the extreme, and today they are singing their praises to the extreme. What is happening here? It is shameful. It is very ugly. Politics in our country has turned into a muddy swamp. We can rescue politics in our nation from this waste heap. What has happened here? We are not prepared to give guarantees or write certificates and deeds to any of these people. We have said that we will support the defeat of this regime. We will get involved as much as possible. But we cannot give a guarantee regarding the others.[/quote]

Also speaking at the event, the JVP Propaganda Secretary commented on disruptions to this meeting.

JVP Propaganda Secretary, MP Vijitha Herath expressed these views;

[quote]The Chairman of the Attanagalle Pradeshiya Sabha came here. We do not know if you saw him or not. We had asked for permission to hold a meeting in the Nittambuwa town. We asked him for space near the Old Bus Stop, on the other side of the New Bus Stop. He said he would ask the Deputy Minister and tell us. He does not have a spine to make an independent decision even though he is the Chairman. This is public property. This is property to be used for the public need. He came here and from the other side of that wire fence, he said these premises would not be given again. Did he inherit this from his parents to say that he wont give the premises again? Remember that this power is temporary. That power is not permanent. He does not need to give it to us again, we know how to take it for the people after the 8th of January. On that day we will take this and show them. On that day, he will have to come here with our permission. Remember that. Do not try to play games with public property.[/quote]

Meanwhile, a leaflet distribution program commenced this morning parallel to the JVP’s public awareness campaign targeting the presidential poll.

The program has been initiated under the theme, “Defeat the Dictatorial Rule – Rally for Democracy”.

The main event commenced at the Colombo Fort Railway Station today under the auspices of JVP Leader, Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

He said;

[quote]We ask the people of this country that they rally to ensure a free and fair election. We believe that the people of this country will join with us on this exercise and in the effort that we have undertaken. Do not let this country continue on the path that it is on.[/quote]

The leaflet distribution campaign also commenced at several other locations across the island with the participation of the JVP Parliamentarians, Provincial Councillors and others.


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