FUTA ponders over teaching govt a lesson; teacher unions say pitiful sum allocated

FUTA ponders over teaching govt a lesson; teacher unions say pitiful sum allocated

FUTA ponders over teaching govt a lesson; teacher unions say pitiful sum allocated

Written by Bella Dalima

05 Dec, 2014 | 6:13 pm

The Education Steering Committee, a collective of teachers and students unions, says a need has arisen for a joint struggle to secure sufficient funding for education, as a result of the government’s failure to make the necessary allocations.

At a media briefing convened in Colombo on Thursday the committee clarified their stance on the matter:

The Education Steering Committee, comprises of several organisations in the education sector including the Federation of University Teachers Associations, the Ceylon Teachers Union, the Lanka Teacher Service Association and the Inter University Students Federation.

President of FUTA, Dr. Chandragupta Thenuwara expressed these views:

“The budget shows the scope of a government. Ninety nine point nine ( 19.9) or 20 percent has been allocated for the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development. That is one fifth of the budget. Ten percent has been allocated for the shining roads and bridges that we speak of. But for education, general education, they have only allocated 2.5 percent. It is even less for higher education. So, the direction this country is headed in, is clear to us. The government must be taught a good lesson, and the day on which we can teach them that lesson is at hand. I believe this is the only means by which we can teach them this lesson.”

President of Lanka Teacher Service Association, Mahinda Jayasinghe shared these views:

“The politicisation that is occurring within the education system is a serious matter that escapes our scrutiny. Acting principals are serving in close to 5,000 of the 9,905 schools. The school system is being operated by principals who have been appointed based on political allegiances and being sycophants of politicians. We must join with all factions and ensure a victory for tomorrow.”

General Secretary of Ceylon Teachers’ Union, Joseph Stalin expressed these views:

“While we engaged in a struggle and demanded six percent and committed it to everyone’s minds, the President, presenting the budget in 2014, has allocated a pitiful sum for education and placed the burden on parents, entirely. We must defeat this national crime. If not, what will happen in the future is that all of them, Bandula Gunawardane included, will go home and there will be no more schools. That is what will happen.”

Convener of IUSF, Najith Indika said;

“The sale of degrees and diplomas in state universities has commenced. We are at a decisive juncture. Although they said that there was no room to enroll more students when we demanded it, now they are enrolling students for money and are conducting tuition classes inside universities. We must unconditionally fight against the principles of these rulers.”

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