Harin Fernando predicts a revolution in the Uva PC

Harin Fernando predicts a revolution in the Uva PC

Written by Bella Dalima

02 Dec, 2014 | 9:00 pm

Addressing a media briefing on Tuesday, Opposition Leader of the Uva Provincial Council Harin Fernando noted that a revolution will take place in the Uva Provincial Council in the coming weekend.

Harin Fernando arrived at the UNP Headquarters Sirikotha, attired in winter clothes.

He shared these views;

[quote]I am wearing a jacket today because there persists an unusual cold climate in the Uva Province.Even though MPs are brought and media briefings are held – even during these media briefings we get SMS messages from these MPs asking about the date when they are to cross over. So, we have made the necessary preparations for this. With faith we can say that even if the provincial council sessions are adjourned till after the 15th of January also, there are legal frameworks and we have means of proving that we have the majority power to function across these legal frameworks.

If a provincial council is going to be adjourned because it’s cold, then that in itself shows that there is no representation of the people. As of now, a provincial council member’s worth amounts to about 30-40 million rupees. This means that it has come to a time where about 30-40 million rupees is paid so that defections are prevented… We have a strong belief that by next week, or even by the end of this week there will be a colossal uprising in the Uva Provincial Council because there is a group that is coming forward that hopes for change and respects the democracy of the country.[/quote]


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