I was offered 100 million rupees to stay with the govt – Navin Dissanayake

I was offered 100 million rupees to stay with the govt – Navin Dissanayake

Written by Bella Dalima

02 Dec, 2014 | 5:23 pm

A Joint Opposition press conference featuring Navin Dissanayake and the Common Opposition Candidate Maithripala Sirisena was held on Tuesday morning

Speaking first at the briefing, Dissanqyake said that the government had attempted to buy him over, when news of his defection had spread, but he said that he made a promise to Parliamentarian Sirisena, so he stepped down. He said he was offered 100 million rupees to stay with the government.

Speaking further on MP Sirisena’s credentials, Dissanayake pointed out that it was MP Sirisena who was acting Defence Minister when the President was abroad, and that he would never be quote a puppet for western nations. Dissanayake also asked the question, whether India or the USA would conspire against Sri Lanka? He noted that they had helped in the battle to defeat the LTTE.

Dissanayake also noted that true patriots weren’t rogues, and went on to charge that the government is looting funds which they receive from China for development purposes. He added that, when he was a minister, he was unable to reveal any of this corruption, before going on to highlight the need for a clean country free of family corruption.

Meanwhile, Parliamentarian Maithripala Sirisena, speaking at the press conference spoke of his pleasure at Navin Dissanayake joining the Joint Oppositions cause. He said that he knows what Dissanayake is capable of, and that he had high regard for his father, Gamini Dissanayake. He added that his needs to provide for the people were rarely met. He further added that proposals he put forward to the cabinet to implement new anti drug laws were rejected.

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