Telephone conversations were being held between embassies and Chandrika: Aluthgamage

Telephone conversations were being held between embassies and Chandrika: Aluthgamage

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23 Nov, 2014 | 10:24 pm

The role of the Common Candidate was criticised at a Sri Lanka Freedom Party press briefing that was held in Colombo earlier Sunday.

Several views were expressed at the event:

Minister of Ports and Highways, Rohitha Abeygunawardena:

“They have left the party. This is an unorganised organisation. You can call it impure as well but it is an unorganised organisation. They are going to abolish the executive presidency system and they are going to make Ranil sit in the chair of the executive Prime Minster. Then what is the chair Maithripala is going to sit on? Now a problem arises with the chairs. This is not going to be a long term relationship. How can it be a long term relationship when the UNPers in the village are orphaned by this. If a challenge is being made saying Maithripala is going to win we are ready for any challenges in life.”

Minister of Sports, Mahindananada Aluthgamage;

“We were watching in the recent past as telephone conversations were being held between embassies and Chandrika. It was a puzzle as to who the common candidate was. We knew that the common candidate was chosen by a few ambassadors as per the instructions they receive from higher places. They said 40 will come. They said first, that 20 will come. They have been calling from morning and no one came; eventually six people sat down, who are these six people? You shouldn’t be surprised if two people from those six come back and sit on this side. They are individuals who crossed over and are panicking and are depressed.”

Please watch the video for complete story.


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