Sarath Fonseka comments on JHU’s decision

Sarath Fonseka comments on JHU’s decision

Written by Bella Dalima

18 Nov, 2014 | 5:02 pm

At a media briefing convened on Tuesday, Democratic Party Leader, Sarath Fonseka commented on the decision taken by the Jathika Hela Urumaya.

[quote]We know that they have let go of some of their positions. But they are yet to state that they have left the government. If they go that far, then we will wish them our best and congratulate them for having the spine to reject the path that this government is on. If they have had enough of this government, then their final decision should be to leave the government and sit with the opposition. We believe that they will reach this juncture. If they do this then we will wish them our best.[/quote]

On a different note, Fonseka also commented on crossovers from his own party.

[quote]The three councillors went over for money. We know that there are such politicians in any party who would betray even their own parents for money. Similarly, these three individuals have fallen to that level, they have betrayed our party, they have disgraced our party and they have disgraced me as the party leader and now they are making various statements in a bid to justify their position and show that they are in the right. We ask the people to understand this situation. The ruler of this nation is corrupt. He follows a corrupt political culture. He approves of corruption, bribery, taking commissions. He mires politicians in corruption and bribery and then uses that to keep them with him. We are reaping the consequences of these actions now. We respectfully call on the people to understand this situation.[/quote]

DP Councillor of Western PC, Susil Kindelpitiya also expressed his views;

[quote]We are definitely on the frontlines of this battle. As a party, the party leader and us, will take action against those individuals who betrayed our party. We will forge ahead until we have made the people of this country victorious. We will definitely remain with the leader and work towards victory in this battle against injustice. We believe that the people will give the appropriate response to those who crossed over for benefits and privileges.[/quote]


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