They are collecting information to submit to HRC against our country: GL

They are collecting information to submit to HRC against our country: GL

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17 Nov, 2014 | 7:32 am

The Ministry of External Affairs and the Foreign Service, have been at the centre of many controversies both at home and abroad. Speaking at an event held on Saturday evening, External Affairs Minister Professor G.L. Peiris spoke on a different subject associated with foreign affairs.

“In Vavuniya, an individual known as Krishna Rasa was arrested. When he was being interrogated, his diary was discovered in his pocket. There were 400 entries in the diary. The 400 entries in the diary, listed the identity card numbers and personal details of persons who died in the war. In addition, this individual had some blank sheets of paper in his possession. These blank papers had signatures on them. When he was interrogated, he said that the signatures were obtained from people in the area. A promise had been made to them.”

“ They had been told that if they sign the papers, they would receive money from the United Nations as compensation to build houses and for insurance and various other things. The people had signed the papers. He said that he was instructed to do all of this by the person known as Sun Master. I called the European, American and Australian Ambassadors last week and submitted this information to them. Sun Master is an individual with close ties to the Tamil National Alliance. There is photographic proof of this. There are more than 35 photographs in the possession of the Defence Ministry to prove this. While Krihsna Rasa was being interrogated by the Police, Sun Master had called him on the phone. In a period of 60 days he had received 67 phone calls from him, or more than one a day. “

He added; “The dangerous issue here is this. There are officials from certain Embassies in these photographs. What are they collecting testimony for? To submit to the Human Rights Council against our country. What is happening in Geneva? On the 1st of August, the Human Rights Council had stated that all evidence must be submitted prior to the 30th of October. Anandi had written a letter to Geneva noting that the time allowed was insufficient and requesting an extension. What is the situation now? Arrangements are being made for evidence to be accepted from the back door. It is very clear as to what their final expectation is. We will not allow that to happen.”

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