Today is World Diabetes Day – Sri Lanka’s situation at a glance

Today is World Diabetes Day – Sri Lanka’s situation at a glance

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14 Nov, 2014 | 8:09 am

Today is World Diabetes Day. Dr. Thilak Siriwardana, the Director of the Non-communicable Diseases Unit at the Ministry of Health stated that a study shows that 1/6th of the Sri Lanka’s population have contracted Diabetes.

He added that approximately 20,000 people die annually from diabetes-related causes. Director of Non-communicable Diseases Unit, Dr. Thilak Siriwardana revealed following details regarding the diabetes;

“Diabetes is a widely seen disease in Sri Lanka.  Surveys have revealed that one of every six persons are diabetes patients. Over 20,000 individuals die owing to diabetes and diabetes-related conditions annually. Diabetes is caused mainly due to our wrong food habits and the lack of exercise. We consume a lot of food and we do not exercise. When we do not work the food we eat does not get used. When this happens the level of sugar in the blood increases. This condition is known as Diabetes. But this is not a condition that is only in the blood – diabetes affects the whole body.”

Dr. Siriwardana added that various illnesses and ailments are being contracted due to an imbalanced lifestyle.

He added; “Cardiac diseases and diseases in the brain could arise due to diabetes.  We have to change our day today activities in order to fight against d=Diabetes we must consume food appropriately or we must do regular exercises we must try not to be mentally agitated. We can delay the damage that diabetes causes if these steps are adhered to. Diabetes is not only seen amongst the young generation – it seen among the middle-aged individuals, that is our concern.”

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