Focus on women’s affairs as ministry expenditure heads are taken up in Parliament

Focus on women’s affairs as ministry expenditure heads are taken up in Parliament

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10 Nov, 2014 | 10:29 pm

The Expenditure Heads of the Ministries of Children and Women’s Affairs and Parliament Affairs were taken up for debate in Parliament on Monday.

The following views were expressed at the house.

JVP Politburo Member, MP Sunil Handunnetti:

“This budget talks about women’s development, economic situation and rights. But the reason behind this, as much as they talk about women, we can see that the government has become afraid of women – will be even more apparent in the time to come because there is talk going around with regard to women contesting for the upcoming election. But I am sorry to say that the budget allocation for your ministry has not been given justice as opposed to what has been written.

UNP Parliamentarian , Rosy Senanayake:

“ If you take the entire country one in every three children are underweight. These children are malnourished or underdeveloped, especially in the Nuwara Eliya district . Therefore, when one in every two pregnant women are malnourished and wrong data and statistics are being tabled I express my disappointment as a female parliamentarian today. If we take a look at the figures of female representation at the provincial level there are 1.8 % of women while there are only 5% in provincial councils. If you take a look at it at the national level there are only thirteeen women sitting in Parliament. Up-to-date the Parliament was not able to legalise the convention on women.”

UPFA Parliamentarian, Sriyani Wijewickrema;

“ We have approved the Women’s Convention and we have have amended the penal code accordingly. If a women has been abused or mistreated our penal code covers it.”

UNP Parliamentarian, Thalatha Athukorala;

“In 1977, the women who toppled the government were facing problems in their homes. If what happened in 1977, happens again, it is not because of anything else but because women are now facing much bigger challenges.”

Minister of Child Development and Women’s Affairs, Tissa Karaliyadde;

“They are asking as to why women are not involved in politics. Honourable Chairman, if there are thirteen women in Parliament who are like this, what would happen if you add twenty five more. I would like not 25 but 30 to enter this chamber. But if we look at elections carried out at the provincial level, we have to force women to join us. They do not like to represent. I have analysed society and I believe Honourable Chair, that most of the women who oppose me here are women who have loved 10 or 12 men. “

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