Decapitated head found during Koslanda landslide search operations (Watch Report)

Decapitated head found during Koslanda landslide search operations (Watch Report)

Written by News 1st

09 Nov, 2014 | 8:54 pm

Speaking to News1st, Minister of Disaster Management Mahinda Amaraweera said that search operations for the missing from the Koslanda landslide have been called off  early Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, putting to rest the confusion caused by disparities in figures, Minister Amaraweera confirmed on Sunday, that the correct number of dead or missing from the Koslanda Miriyabedda landslide is 34.

The minister further stated:

[quote]I did not want to say this until I received proper information which is due this evening. But I would like to state that according to the reports It is confirmed that the number of dead or missing individuals is 34. We are happy that the number has reduced in comparison with initial report. We have received reports that a large number of lives have been saved.[/quote]

Two bodies and parts of another body, that were buried beneath the rubble at Meeriyabedda were found on Sunday. Two bodies and a decapitated head were found during search operations that were carried out on Sunday.

Our correspondent stated that operations to resurface the road that falls across Miriyabedda adjoining Poonagala and Koslanda continued on Sunday as well.

A discussion was held on Sunday with the participation of the acting Divisional Secretary of Haldummulla, at the Koslanda Ganesha Tamil College to provide houses for the individuals who lost houses in the landslide.

Fifty-Seven (57) families are still receiving shelter at the Koslanda Ganesha Tamil College.

Speaking in regard to those affected by this tragedy, Minister Amaraweera said,

[quote]We hope to give a sum of money to the families of the deceased. In the meantime, we will take steps to issue the relevant documents and the death certificates for the missing individuals considering them as deceased, and to provide a sum of money for their families as well. We have already opened accounts with deposits of 25000 rupees for all these families. And we have already invited all the philanthropists to deposit more money into these accounts. In addition to this we will provide housing for all the people. We also hope to provide scholarships for the school students.[/quote]

Meanwhile, 208 individuals belonging to 47 families that were evacuated from Ambagamuwa, Gardmorewatte and Kalkanda in Nuwara Eliya, due to the threat of landslides are still receiving shelter at the Gardmore Tamil College.

Meanwhile, a protest was staged in the Hatton town citing the need for new houses in safe locations for the people who were displaced in Koslanda and people who were relocated in Hatton due to the threat of landslides.

One of the protesters stated, “They have promised to build 50,000 houses for the people living in the estate areas. Only 35 percent work in the fields other 65 percent works in the state sector and the private sector. Some are self employed. they must be added to the 50 thousand, or they must be given lands. This is our main request.”

The protesters are also requesting that at least 20 perches be allocated for each family rather than the proposed seven perches.

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