Sajith says External Affairs Minister must “resign from his position immediately”

Sajith says External Affairs Minister must “resign from his position immediately”

Written by Bella Dalima

06 Nov, 2014 | 9:25 pm

UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa has challenged the Minister of External Affairs to immediately resign from his position, without continuing to protect LTTE terrorists.

Speaking at an event held in Hambantota  on Thursday, Premadasa noted that the awarding of the contract to refurbish the official residence of the Permanent Representative in Geneva to an LTTE-affiliated person, is disrespectful to the nation’s war heroes.

UNP Deputy Leader, MP Sajith Premadasa expressed the following views:

[quote]The current alliance government has constantly stuck the Tiger label on the United National Party. What did they say? They said the UNP is betraying the country to the LTTE. This populist government and this foreign minister have awarded the contract to refurbish the Permanent Mission in Geneva to a Tiger living in Geneva. It is This tiger living in Geneva that provided arms to murder our brave war heroes. When this is revealed, the government has a responsibility, to acknowledge the mistake and beg forgiveness or at the very least, confess. They are not doing that. The Foreign Minister comes to the Supreme Parliament and attempts to whitewash the Tiger. When journalists make statements, he shamelessly likens it to the Goebbels agenda of turning lies into truth. I wish to ask Minister G.L. Peiris if he is asking journalists in this country to be silent, when the nation’s money, when public funds are being given to the LTTE? You speak of Goebbels agenda, but I say to you that you are following Pol Pot’s agenda. As Pol Pot did, you are attempting to protect abhorrent and accused terrorists. I wish to say to the Foreign Minister that since it is under his leadership that the money of the farmers, the fishermen, the labourers, the poor and the public servant, has been given for this Tiger contract. He should resign from his position. Every second that you spend in Parliament speaking for the tigers, is a grave insult to the war heroes living in our villages and cities. It is disgraceful, it is disrespectful.[/quote]

UPFA Parliamentarian Professor Rajiva Wijesinha too, says that the deterioration of the Foreign Service, should be corrected immediately.

UPFA Parliamentarian, Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha said;

When we look in to this issue, it is a shame for the country. It is not right for us to retain such a foreign minister. He does not have any policies. It is Sajin Vass Gunawardena and Shenuka Senvirathne who take all the decisions. I met Chris Nonis in England, Mahinda Aluthgamage said that Chris Nonis should be appointed as Foreign Minister, taking into account the good work done by him. Sajin and G.L felt threatened by this.That is why Chris Nonis had to undergo such a situation and he was chased out. Taking into account the audit report, an investigation has to be launched and those who compiled the audit report need to be questioned.

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