Koslanda landslide was murder: Anura Kumara (Watch Report)

Koslanda landslide was murder: Anura Kumara (Watch Report)

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05 Nov, 2014 | 6:11 am

Various views are being expressed on the Koslanda landslide.

Media Co-ordinator of the National Sangha Council, Venerable Watthahene Vijitha Thera:

[quote]In 2012 and 2011 landslide warnings were issued to this area. However, we saw the manner in which the government used force to evacuate dwellers in the city in the recent past. However, why wasn’t such force used to evacuate Tamil estate workers from these lands. We are demanding an answer from the government. In a respected country when such a tragedy takes place, the ministers and the government resigns. However, such ethics do not exist in our country. The National Building Research Organisation has identified several landslide-prone areas. We urge the government not to sacrifice any more lives to such disasters and take immediate steps to address the problem at hand. The owners of these plantations are vested with the responsibility and subsequently the problem is passed from pillar to post by the Ministry. There is no custodian in this country. The government does not take the responsibility. Why do we need a government that issues warning and takes no action. Is this why the people have cast their ballot?[/quote]

DP Councillor of the Western PC, Susil Kindelpitiya:

[quote]We know that the NBRO issued a warning in 2005 and renewed the warning in 2011. We can see that it was stated recently that about 39 people have been displaced following the recent landslide in Miriyabedda. The number of dead could be higher than the current figure. We need to turn our attention to these areas. We know that in spite of the warning the people were not moved away from this area. They must be given an alternative. That is a responsibility of the government. It is our responsibility as public representatives.[/quote]

Senior Minister, Prof. Tissa Vitharana:

[quote] I am saddened to reveal this. There has been a minor landslide in the same area in 2012. The NBRO had warned that action needs to be taken and based on this the district secretary had informed the owners of the plantation regarding this. However,……………. had not taken any decision over this warning. If the warning was heeded, a lot of lives may have been saved.[/quote]

JVP Leader, Anura Kumara Dissanayake:

[quote]As Minister Tissa Vitharana says, they had been aware that such a landslide could occur at this location and that there were people residing at this location. The fact that they stood by and let this loss of life happen, shows that this was murder. The government is preparing to evict people in other areas for no reason at all. The people in the estates could have been evacuated, the army could have been deployed to evacuate them. The inaction of the government shows the complete disregard for these people. Through this the government has shown that they have no use for the working people of this country except for when they need something for themselves.[/quote]

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